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From Insight to Influence

This year (21.-22.09.2017), Basel will host Europe's most important internal audit conference, the ECIIA Conference (European Committee of Institute for Internal Auditing). The Schweizer Institut für Managementerneuerung GmbH has invented this year's conference topic "from insight to influence" and is present in the Steering Committee of the conference. 
Today's world faces increasing complexity and speed as well as decreasing control and dependability. It is the role of internal audit to face these challenges. We must gain relevant new insight that increases assurance and adds value. 
No matter how much we excel in gaining insight: this is no longer good enough. Today, it is on us to ensure that new insight will be turned into new practice, that our ideas do not perish in the red tape of administration but have real impact in business life. We must move from insight to influence!

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National IIA Conference 2016: Talent Management

The Schweizer Institut für Managementerneuerung GmbH has been present at the biannual national IIA conference Switzerland, which took place from 26 to 27 May 2016 in Baden, Switzerland. Dr. Philipp Wilhelm was featured as speaker on the topic of Talent Management. 

The speech focused on the question how to best deal with one's own talent and with the talent of one's team members. How can I promote my career as internal auditor? How can I form and sustain an effective internal audit team that has the necessary business acumen and covers all needed competences? Dr. Philipp Wilhelm showed how to use talent management as a strategic tool. The topic was recently also recognized by the IIA in the new IPPF Practice Guide on Talent Management as of December 2015.

You can access the speech in German right here!

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